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Back to school – off to a flying start with magnets

Attention all students, parents and teachers! We are going to introduce products and customer projects for the beginning of the school year. We carry various magnetic products suitable as small back-to-school presents for your little ones. With a versatile weekly planner on a magnetic board, the whole family can keep track of lessons, hobbies and homework. Magnets are also perfect for experiments in class. Have fun browsing.

Back-to-school gifts

Give something useful for the new school year. We have put together a few suggestions for you:

Magnets as organising accessories

It is a well-known fact that preparation is half the battle. These products help with learning and organising. Putting them together is fun and motivates.

Inspiration for teachers

We offer a wide selection of blackboard magnets for teachers. We will also show you in more detail a few experiments with magnets and project ideas for lesson planning.

Blackboard accessories


Magnetism can be impressively demonstrated with experiments. For a full list of projects, please take a look at our experiment-themed magnet applications. Experiment accessories such as horseshoe magnets, ferrofluid or iron filings can be found under:

School magnets and accessories

Projects for creative learning

Useful projects, the results of which can later be used in everyday life, are always popular for needlework and design & technology classes. Below are some ideas. You can find a number of other projects in our magnet applications for school.