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Do you sell magnets for water decalcification?

No and yes.
First, concerning the no:
All the studies and tests we know of have found that it is not possible to "soften" water by using magnetic fields. It's quite obvious that you can't just make the limescale "vanish into thin air". Yet, there are manufacturers who claim that their (usually very expensive) magnets or devices can alter the lime structure so that it can be "wiped off" as easily as powder and, therefore, does not accumulate in water pipes, boilers, electric kettle, etc. This effect has never been scientifically proven and tests by "Stiftung Warentest" (a German consumer protection group) have shown that all of these devices and magnets are without effect.
Now, concerning the yes:
Nevertheless, we do have customers who tried this with our magnets and told us that they did experience the desired effect. We certainly don't wish to deter you from carrying out your own experiments and studies, but please don't expect too much and don't spend too much money on it. Since we are quite skeptical ourselves, we can't really make any recommendations regarding which magnet order, size, polarity, etc. would be best for such experiments - after all, there is no recognized theory on this topic. One thing, however, you can count on: Magnets that are purchased for water decalcification do not produce different magnetic fields than our magnets. If an effect is possible with an expensive water-softening magnet, then the same effect should also be possible with our magnets.