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How do I separate two strong magnets?

Table of Contents:

Separating magnets safely

Separating small to medium neodymium magnets

Generally, there are three options for separating strong neodymium magnets:
  • Moving sideways over a table's edge (works with compact magnets)
  • Using a professional magnet separator
  • Twisting magnets (works with oblong magnets)
These three methods are introduced in the following video.
Medium to large magnets with spacers can be best separated on the edge of a table. Make sure you hold on to both magnets tightly, so you don't get your fingers caught.
As a professional solution for small and medium magnets up to a 20 mm diameter/length we recommend our magnet separator.

Separate huge neodymium magnets

The previous tips come up short when you have extremely strong neodymium magnets combined with each other or a ferromagnetic surface. In this case you need a little bit more imagination and protective gear (especially gloves).
The following customer video demonstrates how much effort it takes to separate a huge magnet (200 kg adhesive force) from a steel plate. It also shows that such strong magnets can cause serious injuries, even when handled with care and protective gloves.
Customer application Separating spheres
Customers of put a lot of thought into how to separate magnets or remove a magnet from a ferromagnetic surface:
Projects on the topic of 'separating magnets'.

Merging magnets safely

Customer application merging strong magnets (upper part)
This YouTube video shows a safe way of merging extremely strong magnets.
With less strong magnets you can use a small wooden wedge: You put it between two magnets and then you carefully pull it out sideways. Follow the instructions in the customer application merging strong magnets.