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Which is the strongest magnet in your shop?

Table of Contents:
We have listed below our strongest neodymium magnets (also called super magnets, power magnets, killer magnets).
Please make sure you review our safety tips for these extremely strong magnets. If not handled correctly, they may cause substantial injury. Hence, we don't offer magnets with an adhesive force that's even higher.

Neodymium super magnets

No. 1:
Our strongest neodymium magnet is the MONOLITH with a grandiose 200 kg adhesive force. Thanks to its classy epoxy coating it is also an especially beautiful magnet.
The following video clearly demonstrates the destructiveness of two MONOLITHS when objects come between them. These magnets are dangerous!
No. 2:
Our second-largest block magnet 70 x 70 x 30 mm with 150 kg adhesive force.
No. 3:
Our largest, strongest and heaviest disc magnet 70 x 35 mm with 140 kg adhesive force.
No. 4:
The magnetic disc with borehole R-60-06-30-N with an adhesive force of 120 kg. The classic for magnet fishing!
No. 5:
The legendary DEATH MAGNET with an adhesive force of 100 kg.
No. 6:
The compact disc magnet 45 x 30 mm features an adhesive force of 64 kg.
No. 7:
THE COLOSSUS (40 x 40 x 20 mm) with an adhesive force of 60 kg.
Two COLOSSI were used in the following video to brutally squeeze a mustard tube. The resulting mess was even a surprise to us...
No. 8:
The affordable Q-60-30-15-N: Block magnet 60 x 30 x 15 mm with an adhesive force of 56 kg.
The magnets mentioned on this page are dangerous! A video demonstration of two block magnets Q-30-30-15-N with an adhesive force of "only" 35 kg gives you an idea of the destructive force of these magnets.
Table for your own research: Didn't find the right neodymium magnet yet? The neodymium magnets data table helps you sort the magnets by adhesive force and any other criterion.

Neodymium pot magnets

With our magnets in steel pot you can reach high adhesive forces, given direct contact with an iron counterpart (see FAQ pot magnets).
No. 1:
The pot magnet with borehole CSN-60 and the pot magnet with threaded stem GTN-60 are right on par with the pot magnet to glue in FGN-60, all three of them with an unbelievable adhesive force of 130 kg.
No. 2:
The huge hook magnet ě 63 mm with an adhesive force of 110 kg.
Also available without hook.
No. 3:
Pot magnet with cylindrical borehole ZTN-60 with adhesive force of 95 kg, closely followed by
pot magnets with internal thread ITN-60 with adhesive force of 92 kg.
No. 4:
The pot magnet with borehole CSN-48 with an adhesive force of 87 kg.
No. 5:
The pot magnet with threaded stem GTN-48 and the pot magnet to glue in FGN-48 with an adhesive force of 85 kg respectively.
No. 6:
Hook magnet ě 50 mm with an adhesive force of 75 kg.
Also available without hook.

Other magnets and magnetic products

Also the following products are quite impressive, but don't come close to the adhesive force of the above mentioned killer magnets.
Impressively strong for its size and also a great gift idea, our retrieval magnets with an adhesive force of 30 kg.
The strongest office magnet is Steel 30 (see picture) with an astonishing adhesive force of 12 kg. It holds 40 A4 sheets on a whiteboard if you want! The Boss magnet large has the same adhesive force.
The strongest ferrite ring magnet FE-R-100-60-20 has an adhesive force of 16 kg.
This link takes you to all our ferrite magnets sorted by adhesive force.
Regular magnetic sheets and tapes have a significantly lower adhesive force than permanent magnets.
Since 2016 we also have magnetic tape and magnetic sheet made of neodymium in our assortment, which are comparable to neodymium magnets. If you want to attach an object with an adhesive tape, we recommend extra-strong self-adhesive magnetic tape.

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