Handmade magnets

one of a kind objects made of Fimo in set of 4, ladybird
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The Handmade magnets deserve their name: With lots of love and care, Mrs. Brunner of Appenzell (in Switzerland) makes these small figurines by hand. Each set contains four such unique objects. So very cute, which makes them the perfect gift. The recipient will be delighted for sure!
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-41/ladybug
EAN 7640155433167
Quantity per set 4 pieces
Made in Switzerland
Version Ladybird
Weight 30 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Over the hills and far away, she dwells with four dwarfs today... Wait a minute, what's wrong with that picture?

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Attention, these colourful guys are on the run. Watch out that they don't jump board over night!
The first whale you can easily hold in your hand!
Our second set contains dwarf, angel, flower and ladybird.
The decorative magnets come in a pretty transparent box. Add a ribbon or bow and you have a little gift!
The small Handmade magnets are not just colourful highlights on your magnetic board or refrigerator, but also an eye-catching addition to Photo ropes.
Dwarf, angel and whale doing their job.
The Handmade magnets also work fine on magnetic paint.
Size comparison of the whole colourful bunch