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Magnetic plush toys

with sewn-in magnets in each front paw

Item number LIV-95
Unit of Sale 1 piece
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8,49 EUR

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These cute plush toys hang around the magnetic board or fridge and easily overcome gravity while looking good. "Do these animals have superpowers?" you may ask yourself. Yes, in a way they do: In their front paws, front feet and wings are super magnets that allow them to hang on to suitable surfaces.

These fluffy little guys don't just like magnetic boards - they like any ferromagnetic surface. Therefore, they can be found on door frames, lamps, and shelves. But they can also get a hold of places where there is no suitable surface for magnets, such as a backpack, cable or potted plant.

Hedgehog Iggy, bat Vampi, bat Dragomir, sled dog Husky, teddy bear Tom, elephant Sugar, lion Kumba, ladybird Nalani, polar bear Jari, koala Sydney and penguin Frosty create a racket in our virtual zoo. One is cuter than the next. Which one is your favourite?

You have them all? No worries! The MagNICI plush animals complement our selection of magnetic animals perfectly.

Technical data

Article ID LIV-95
Animal Koala
Weight 20 g

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