Summer Flowers

flower magnets in summer colours, set of 5
promptly deliverable


Adorable flower magnets in bright summer colours. Each flower is unique and individually cut by hand, the product of an employment programme for job-seekers. With an adhesive force of more than 1 kg, these magnets are strong enough to hold thicker notepaper or postcards and can be used on magnetic paint. Each set contains 5 magnets.
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Technical data

Article ID AG-03
EAN 7640155430906
Strength approx. 1,3 kg (approx. 12,7 N)
Material Acrylic
Made in Switzerland
Thickness 3 mm
Diameter 50 mm
Magnet Disc 8x3 mm
Quantity per set 5 pieces
Sticks to whiteboard 6 A4 sheets
Weight 25 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Four of the five magnets are transparent. It is therefore possible to read whatever text might be underneath the magnet flower.

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The acrylic glass is cut by hand. Because of this, each flower has a unique form. The price of this uniqueness is the occasional visible cutting edge.
The raw material: acrylic glass
The form to be cut is outlined in advance.
The finished product - without the magnet and including the protective plastic on the acrylic glass.