Magnetic vase Oak

vase made of oak wood, magnetic on metal plate, gift-wrapped
promptly deliverable


This delicate oak vase stands out with its simple elegance and clever functionality. Each vase is carefully made by hand and its natural wood grain makes every one of them unique.
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-34
EAN 7640155433112
Made in Switzerland
Height 24 cm
Width 22 mm
Thickness 22 mm
Weight 88 g

Recommended accessories for this product

for decoration purposes, not heat or fire resistant!
Test tube
for decoration purposes, not heat or fire resistant!
1 pc. 1,49 EUR ea.

Additional features and tips

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The vase makes for a pretty gift in this classy wrapping. Or you can just keep it for yourself, since it's so beautiful.

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A small metal plate, placed under the table runner, holds the vase in place as if by magic.
The metal plate can also be used as a visible design element: Here we have an oak and a maple vase together on a base plate.
The vase's dimensions are 24 x 2,2 cm and it comes with a removable test tube (16 x 1,6 cm). There is a disc magnet embedded in the bottom of the vase, which makes it stick to the metal plate (7 x 7 cm).

Clever construction: The test tube can easily be removed and filled with water.
Wood is a natural product. Hence, irregularities in the material are natural and make each product unique. The wood originates from Swiss forests.
Perfect pair: The magnetic wooden vase is also available in maple.
The wooden vases are carefully handcrafted in the Quimby Huus, a Swiss day care center and residential home for people with a physical disability or brain injury. The picture shows Roger Bischof working on a vase at a machine that is especially adapted to accommodate his abilities.