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Magnetic board slate

classy and exclusive, 40 x 20 cm, incl. 10 strong magnets

Article ID FO-8
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Sophisticated and substantial magnetic board with a blue-grey slate surface to showcase photos, postcards and notes. The slate piece itself is circa 3-5 mm thick and has a 2 mm thick sheet of galvanised steel glued to the back. Please note: Each piece is unique because slate is a natural material. The thickness of the plate and its appearance may vary.

  • Material: Slate from the Mosel river area
  • Great visual appearance, with contoured edge (wall distance about 1 cm)
  • Easy mounting, horizontally or vertically

Included in the delivery:
1 magnetic board, 10 disc magnets (S-10-10-N), 3 magnets with 3 screws and 3 anchors for wall mounting, mounting instructions (only available in German).

Please note

Magnets from the "Steel" series (ID PBM-xx), hook magnets and other pot magnets are not suitable for magnetic boards made of shale. Due to their heavy weight they slide off. Also, magnetic tapes and sheets will not adhere to these boards.

Technical data

Article IDFO-8
Length40 cm
Width20 cm
Made inGermany
BrandFlux Objects
Weight2,2 kg
You need magnets to affix something on the panel. The panel itself has no attractive force!
The disc magnets 10x10 mm that you receive with the magnetic panel have an adhesive force of approx. 3,9 kg - only when directly in contact with a metallic counterpart. Since the magnets adhere to the metal over a distance of approx. 3-4 mm (through the slate), the adhesive force is reduced dramatically. You can hang up pictures, postcards and notes very well - however, the magnetic panel and the magnets are not suited for heavier objects. Caution: The magnets should not be placed too close to each other. When they attract each other they can clash and break.

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