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20 x 60 cm, incl. 3 strong magnets
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Add colourful accents in your flat or office. The frameless rectangular magnetic glass boards come in fresh colours and jazz up any room. You can use a board marker to write on the scratch-proof writing surface made of hardened safety glass. The board makes room for your notes, photos and postcards that can be attached with magnets. Please review our FAQ Which magnets are suitable for magnetic glass boards?. If you have impeccable memory and don't need notes, you can just hang up a few of these memo boards in different colors above your couch for decoration. Even without notes or photos, these glass boards are real eye catchers and easily one-up the standard tapestry or deer head.

We also carry square magnetic glass boards.
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Technical data

Article ID GMB-2060
Made in Germany
Width 20 cm
Height 60 cm
Glass thickness 4 mm
Metal thickness 0,5 mm
Magnets included 3 neodymium blocks 10 x 10 x 4 mm
Weight 1,4 kg

Additional features and tips

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Due to the large gap between magnet and metal plate, only super magnets adhere really well to glass magnetic boards. Three small block magnets 10x10x4 mm are enclosed. Since three magnets are not nearly enough: Order also a few other strong magnets to go with it (under "suitable accessories").
Check out our FAQ about glass boards for many practical tips.

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Magnets from the "Steel" series (ID PBM-xx), hook magnets and other pot magnets are not suitable for magnetic glass boards. Due to their heavy weight they slide off. Also, magnetic tapes and sheets will not adhere to these boards. Please review our FAQ about suitable magnets for magnetic glass boards.
The magnetic glass board can be mounted easily with the pre-assembled wall mounting on the backside. The board can be hung up horizontally or vertically.

The magnetic glass board comes with three block magnets 10x10x4 mm and the wall mounting set.
The memo board consists of a 4 mm safety glass and a 0,5 mm metal plate on the backside.
Our magnetic glass boards are available in many different colours.
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