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Metal disc with countersunk hole Ø 15 mm

as a counterpart to magnets, not a magnet!

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These metal discs are suitable as base surfaces for our magnets, e.g. disc or hook magnets. They can easily be screwed onto non-magnetic surfaces with a countersunk screw. The metal discs are not rust-proof and therefore not suitable for outdoor use.

The following screws fit into the MD-15, for example:

  • Slotted countersunk wood screw: DIN 97
  • Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws (machine screw): ISO 7046-2 M5
  • Countersunk torx screws/hexalobular socket (machine screw): ISO 14581 M5
  • Hexagon socket countersunk flat head screws (machine screw): ISO 10642 M5

Technical data

Article ID MD-15
EAN 7640155434287
Diameter D 15 mm
Height H 1,5 mm
Hole d1 5,5 mm
Hole d2 8,5 mm
Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm
Coating Nickel (Ni)
Weight 1,2 g
PDF data sheet
When using countersunk bolts with the ISO standards 7046-2, 14581 and 10642, be aware of the following: If you want to screw the metal disc to a stainless steel surface, you need to bevel the hole so the countersunk bolt can be screwed on flush.
These metal discs are not rust-resistant and therefore not suitable for outdoor use.

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