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Macho set

magnet set, case with 40 super magnets

Article ID Z-10
UoS 1 Set
1 set 59,99 EUR/set
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59,99 EUR

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For men who have everything...
For guys who know no pain...
For lads who aren’t easily impressed... ... we now have the supermagnete macho set! Exactly what the world has been waiting for:
Ten absurdly strong, impressive, dangerous super magnets! And to top it off, another 30 smaller magnets. The magnet set is securely packaged in a special supermagnete tool case. This brings tears even to a macho's eyes! (Tears of joy! Obviously!! Since no one’s crying here!)

The set contains the following neodymium magnets:

  • 2 block magnets Q-25-25-13-N (25 x 25 x 13 mm)
  • 1 disc magnet S-20-10-N (Ø 20 mm, height 10 mm)
  • 1 disc magnet S-30-15-N (Ø 30 mm, height 15 mm)
  • 1 sphere magnet K-26-C (Ø 26 mm)
  • 2 sphere magnets K-19-C (Ø 19 mm)
  • 3 ring magnets R-27-16-05-N (Ø 26.75/16 mm, height 5 mm)
  • 10 sphere magnets K-08-C (Ø 8 mm)
  • 10 cube magnets W-05-N (5 mm)
  • 10 disc magnets S-05-05-N (Ø 5 mm, height 5 mm)

Technical data

Article IDZ-10
Case dimensions310 x 210 x 75 mm
Weight1,4 kg/set


They make your heart skip a beat!

Inside this case gleaming muscle men are waiting to be at your service. They sparkle like gemstones in their fitted compartments.
This macho set is not for guys who play with weak magnets!

It is for dudes who don't go running to Mom with every little blood blister.
In order to entice Mr. Macho Man to read the warning label, we printed it on glossy paper and added many visuals - just like he is used to from his favorite "magazines."

The brochure is translated into 6 languages and uses direct and straight-up wording - from one man to another. It's easy to comprehend, even for someone who normally ignores warning labels as a matter of principle.
An overview of the content, including adhesive force data of the individual magnets.
If he gets a macho set as a present from her, she tells him "I love you and accept you just the way you are, although I have no idea what this thing is good for."

The macho set is to him what a Louis Vitton purse is to her - only 10 times cheaper.

So ladies, this year no shirts or books, but something that big boys like: the macho set!
The case comes well-padded in a white cardboard box. Just add wrapping paper and you have a great Christmas, birthday, fathers day, graduation or because-you're-my-cool-brother gift.

And if you really like him, you force him to read the warning label before he picks up the magnets.

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