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Sampler set L

9 large neodymium magnets, in various shapes and sizes
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This sampler set contains 9 very practical larger neodymium magnets. You can choose from strong disc, block and cube magnets for your perfect application without having to purchase a certain amount of each magnet. We also carry two magnet sets with smaller magnets:
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Technical data

Article ID Z-13
Material NdFeB
Weight 330 g/set

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Additional features and tips

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The magnets are embedded in a custom-made foam cushion in a plastic box, which is covered with a protective cardboard that features a supermagnete print.

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The tight fitting of the foam cushioning keeps the magnets safely in place. But you can easily get them out with your finger.
Included is a table of contents, which describes the magnets and their technical data.
Important: Please don't give this set to small children, because the magnets can be easily swallowed.