Door stop magnetic with rubber buffer

made of plastic, black
promptly deliverable


A strong neodymium magnet is built into this plastic magnetic door stop. The rubber buffer protects the surface from scratches and softens the impact of the magnet.
Screw the door stop onto the back of a door or directly onto a wall. Now you only need a suitable counterpart. In an ideal situation, the door itself or the handle are ferromagnetic. Otherwise, use a screw mount metal disc as linked under "suitable accessories".

The built-in neodymium magnet is not suitable for outdoor use because it will rust and lose its magnetisation. Therefore, we recommend this door stop for indoor use only.

Technical data

Article ID M-DOOR-05
EAN 4250133100122
Material NdFeB
Strength approx. 6 kg (approx. 58,8 N)
Length 65 mm
Length 2 50 mm
Width 30 mm
Height 23 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Diameter 2 5 mm
Depth 3,5 mm
Weight 22 g