Door stop magnetic

with round pole areas, adhesive angle of 280°
promptly deliverable


This magnetic door stop is very versatile: Thanks to the round magnetic base, ferromagnetic objects attach at an angle of 280° and counterparts do not have to fit exactly over the magnet.
Screw the door stop onto the back of a door or directly onto a wall. Now you only need a suitable counterpart. In an ideal situation, the door itself or the handle are ferromagnetic. Otherwise, use a screw mount metal disc as linked under "suitable accessories".

The built-in neodymium magnet is not suitable for outdoor use because it will rust and lose its magnetisation. Therefore, we recommend this door stop for indoor use only.

Technical data

Article ID M-DOOR-04
EAN 4250133100115
Material NdFeB
Strength approx. 15 kg (approx. 147 N)
Length 60 mm
Length 2 16 mm
Width 25 mm
Width 2 15,5 mm
Diameter 9 mm
Diameter 2 5,5 mm
Distance boreholes 46,5 mm
Weight 71 g