Plastic casing for door stop M-DOOR-01

to screw to the side of the door
promptly deliverable


Accessory to article Door stop magnetic
If you would like to screw M-DOOR-01 to the side of the door rather than countersink it in the door, this is the article you need. It allows you to protect and screw the magnetic door stop to the backside of the door.
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Technical data

Article ID M-DOOR-02
EAN 4250133100092
Length 65 mm
Width 29 mm
Height 36 mm
Weight 10 g

Recommended accessories for this product

1 pc.  12,99  EUR ea. *
from 3 pcs.  11,92  EUR ea. *
from 10 pcs.  10,97  EUR ea. *
from 20 pcs.  10,51  EUR ea. *
from 40 pcs.  10,10  EUR ea. *
Available: 65 pcs.

Additional features and tips

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Here is a combination of the following articles:

The picture below shows the screwed-on steel plate M-DOOR-03 that the door stop attaches to.