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Treasure hunter

Treasure Hunt Magnet, with 15 m nylon cord (5 mm)
promptly deliverable


Haven't you always wanted to find a hidden treasure? We don't claim that it will be simple with our Treasure Hunt Magnet. But it does open-up the following possibilities for you:
  • Fish a lost Euro coin out of a river.
  • Search the beach or ocean for metal that has washed-up.
  • Recover a cannonball out of an old water shaft.
  • Retrieve a lost piece of metal from the drain.
  • etc.
Important tips:
  • Be very careful in areas where there may be unexploded bombs!
  • If you really do find a treasure, you are usually not entitled to keep it - follow the legal regulations!
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Technical data

Article ID M-23
Material NdFeB
strength approx. 30 kg (approx. 294 N)
Made in Germany
Weight 420 g

Additional features and tips

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The dimensions of the magnets are as follows:
  • Diameter 30 mm

  • Height 50 mm

  • Weight 252 g

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The nylon rope that is included in the delivery is 5 mm thick and has a length of about 15 m.
There is a disc magnet of the type S-20-10-N in the steel pot that, by itself, could only lift approx. 12 kg. A good example of how the adhesive force of magnets can be greatly increased by mounting them in a steel pot.
The treasure-hunting magnet in action! A customer from Hungary (with the artistic name of "Kutatßsvezető") sent this impressive photo - it is, however, not known exactly where such treasures can be found in Hungary... :-)