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Magnetic adhesive tape neodymium 20 mm

self-adhesive magnetic tape, extra-strong adhesive force, roll at 1 m

Article ID NMT-20-STIC/01m
UoS 1 meter
Price and rebate
1 m 32,63 EUR/m
from 3 m 29,28 EUR/m
from 10 m 26,28 EUR/m
from 20 m 24,82 EUR/m
from 40 m 23,54 EUR/m
Ask for a rebate from 100 m
incl. VAT plus shipping

32,63 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

promptly deliverable

Available: 1 830 meters

Delivery time: 1-3 business days

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This self-adhesive magnetic tape features a phenomenal adhesive force of 450g/cm² and is therefore 4x stronger than a regular magnetic tape. This is made possible through neodymium-iron-boron, which is also used for the production of super magnets.
The neodymium magnetic tape is 20 mm wide and can attach heavy, non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces. it is perfect when you need high adhesive force, but you don't have much space available (for instance when you need to seal something).

Self-adhesive magnetic tapes need to be placed, pressed and dried on suitable surfaces. Otherwise, air may be trapped and the tapes may come undone. Please read our FAQ about self-adhesive products.

The magnetic tape is delivered in rolls of 1 meter. If you order 3 m, for instance, you will receive three individual 1-m-rolls.

Please note

Magnets should not be placed on self-adhesive magnetic tapes, because they would demagnetise the tapes. Suitable surfaces for magnets are self-adhesive metal tapes or magnetic strips, for example.

Technical data

Article IDNMT-20-STIC/01m
Shelf life adhesive6 months (approx.)
Adhesive3M, No. 9448A
Roll at1 m
Width20 mm
Thickness1,5 mm
Max. working temperature100°C
Strength450 g/cm²
Weight150 g/m
Adhesive data sheet
The flux detector visualizes nicely the lamellar magnetisation perpendicular to the tape length. North and south poles take turns in close intervals, which leads to a higher adhesive force on direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces.
Also signs can be hung up quickly and in a flexible way.
Even larger objects, like this hole punch, stay up as if by magic.
Just glue on a small piece of the magnetic tape...
... and up goes the post-it pad onto an iron piece of office furniture.
Thanks to its high adhesive force, it can even be attached to a wall that is painted with magnetic paint.
Also signs can be hung up with little effort and no damage to structures.