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With these printable magnetic labels by Avery Zweckform, you can easily make your own magnetic warning and informational signs, door plates, customer information, etc. You can use the Avery online template designer for creating your own magnetic labels. The corresponding product numbers are J8871 (78 x 28 mm) and J8875 (140 x 50 mm). These magnetic labels are only suitable for inkjet printers.

Characteristics of the printable magnetic labels:
  • White colour (matt); printable in black or colour with an inkjet printer
  • Ideal for use on whiteboards, metal shelves, magnetic boards, or magnetic paint
  • Simple and versatile
  • Pre-perforated and easy to separate
  • Package contains 5 A4 sheets, each with 8 or 18 precut magnetic labels (depending on the type)
Important note regarding printer settings: Use the manual printer feed and choose a high print quality. Also, select a heavy paper type setting (at least 150 g). The print quality may vary depending on the printer and printer settings.
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Technical data

Article ID MIP-A4-03
Weight per A4 sheet 74,5 g
Brand Avery Zweckform
Sales unit 5 A4 sheets
Thickness 0,4 mm
Colour White
Magnetisation Isotropic
Weight 470 g

Additional features and tips

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You can, for instance, print year dates on magnetic labels, like in our Supermagnete chronology.

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Magnetic labels are not suitable as a magnetic surface to attach magnets! In fact, the magnets would de-magnetise the labels. Our magnetic boards are suitable surfaces.
If the two label sizes don't work for your project, you can certainly print on A4 matt magnetic paper and then cut to the desired size.