Photo rope 1,5 m W

with loop and steel weight, including 15 neodymium magnets
promptly deliverable


1,5 m long photo rope with weight
This photo rope guarantees a stylish presentation of photos and postcards. A heavy and sturdy steel weight keeps the 2 mm thick steel rope perpendicular. With the enclosed super magnets you can attach postcards and photos steadfast without damaging them. This photo rope is made of high-quality material and is produced for us in Switzerland by the sheltered workshop Murghof.
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Technical data

Article ID FL-02
Material NdFeB
Length 150 cm
Made in Switzerland
Weight 150 g

Recommended accessories for this product

Disc magnet Ø 5 mm, height 5 mm, neodymium, N45, nickel-plated
Disc magnet Ø 5 mm, height 5 mm
Neodymium, N45, nickel-plated
20 pcs. 0,31 EUR ea.
Coloured neodymium magnets, Set of 10
Coloured neodymium magnets, Set of 10
1 set 7,79 EUR/set

Additional features and tips

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Nice ideas for your own individual photo ropes can be found in this application.

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That's the photo rope in full length.
A massive steel weight makes sure that the rope is always firm and perpendicular.

The weight is made of high-quality and stainless machine steel and weighs about 80 gramme.
The wire rope is 2 mm thick.
Since it is a little thicker, the magnets attach better than with cheaper and thinner wire ropes.
15 Supermagnete are included in the shipment.

This is our S-05-05-N article with an adhesive force of approx. 800 gramme. You can use it to attach thick postcards and several photos with no problems.
Despite their strength, the magnets are small and inconspicuous and don't cover up photos.
The photo rope and the magnets will be delivered in a simple and transparent plastic box.
The magnets are small and inconspicuous.
The hike from Nuorgam to Sevettijńrvi in the north of Finland was very impressive by the way.
I won't forget the 20 kg backpack...
You can also hang up postcards from the boring vacation in Tenerife ... the magnets are totally neutral in that case.
Photos, postcards, family pictures, passport pictures, notes, recipes,... everything can be hung up and taken down again in seconds.

A gift that might look modest at first, but one that will be looked at a lot and that can be enjoyed for years to come.