Photo rope Sweetheart 1,5 m

with loop and steel weight, incl. 8 heart magnets
promptly deliverable


"You're a sweet sweetheart"

1,5 m long photo rope with 8 cute and magnetic metal hearts. For the sweetest photos and cards!
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Technical data

Article ID FL-10
EAN 7640161867451
Material NdFeB
Length 150 cm
Brand Trendform
Magnet LIV-80
Weight 70 g

Recommended accessories for this product

heart-shaped metal magnets, set of 6
heart-shaped metal magnets, set of 6
1 set 8,44 EUR/set

Additional features and tips

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At the top end of the photo rope there is a loop. You can hang this loop on a nail on the wall or on the end of a curtain rail. You can also use a hook on the ceiling.

If you have metal surfaces somewhere (staircase, door frame, steel beam, iron pillar), you can utilise our magnetic hook without leaving any traces.