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Metal strip self-adhesive white

self-adhesive surface for magnets, rolls of 1 m / 5 m / 25 m, roll at 25 m

Article ID M-FERROTAPE/25m
UoS 25 Meter
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25 m

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A flexible metal strip by MAUL with self-adhesive foam backing. The strip, also known as metal tape or ferro tape, can be cut to size with ordinary scissors since it is only 0,15 mm thick and 35 mm wide. It sticks to textured walls and is easy to install around corners. The self-adhesive metal strip is available in 1, 5 and 25 m lengths. Please note that magnets are not included in the delivery.

This self-adhesive metal strip, in combination with magnets, works great for hanging your postcards, event notifications, photos, business cards, children's drawings, posters and more. Suitable magnets can be found under the "accessories" links. Using larger magnets will not result in a significant increase in adhesive force because the metal strip is too thin for that purpose.
Attention: This is a self-adhesive metal strip, not a magnetic adhesive tape.

Technical data

Roll at25 m
Width35 mm
Thickness total1,15 mm
Thickness metal band0,15 mm
Made inGermany
Weight75 g/m
The backside consists of a self-adhesive foam padding. Just cut (with household scissors), remove the foil, press on, finished.

Caution: The foam padding adheres strongly to various surfaces and cannot be removed residue-free.
The self-adhesive metal tape also adheres to rough or uneven walls.

The tape is not pure white. The colour is similar to Pantone 427C and pretty close to RAL 9018 (but not exactly).
The metal adhesive band is a suitable surface for postcards, business cards, notices, cinema programs, photos, etc. Here an attachment with a flat disc magnet. No more pushpins and holes in the walls!
You can also attach magnetic storage tins (from IKEA for instance) containing lightweight content with the metal strip.

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