Self-adhesive magnetic tape for photos

in dispenser
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Bestseller: Already more than 25 000 sold!
Extremely handy: A tape in a dispenser that is both adhesive and magnetic. It attaches photos, postcards, and other lightweight things easily and flexibly to ferromagnetic surfaces, without making holes.
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Technical data

Article ID MT-DISP
Width 19 mm
Thickness 0,3 mm
Length 5 m
Magnetisation Isotropic
Strength 14 g/cm²
Weight 150 g

Additional features and tips

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Just like a standard adhesive, pull the desired length from the dispenser and cut.

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Simply attach the adhesive side of the magnetic tape to the backside of a photo or postcard...
... and in no time the photo or postcard attaches to the magnetic paint on the refrigerator door, whiteboard, metal cupboard, etc.
The magnetic tape can also be used for attaching quick notes.
The magnetic tape is suitable for hanging up small and light paper or thin cardboard items on the refrigerator, the whiteboard or the blackboard.

For larger items or thicker cardboard you definitely need to use a self-adhesive magnetic tape, like the MT-20-STIC, with its 8 times higher adhesive force. With that you can hang up even heavy objects.
The tape is not a suitable surface for magnets. They would demagnetise the tape. A better surface for magnets would be our magnetic stips.