Magnetic paint XL

4 litre paint, for an area of 8-12 m²
promptly deliverable


This magnetic paint by DUPLI-COLOR is a big hit! It transforms almost any surface into a magnetic base for magnets, in a child’s room, the kitchen, in the hallway, conference room or at school. Be it an actual wall or part of it, a door or a piece of furniture; an integrated magnetic wall is a very convenient feature.

Please keep the following in mind before you start painting: For optimal results, the painting surface must be as smooth as possible and completely dry. Very porous surfaces should be pretreated with dispersion primer. In contrast, smooth lacquer coated surfaces need to be sanded so the magnetic paint will adhere. Thoroughly stir the paint before you start painting to disperse the metal pigments evenly in the paint.

Characteristics of DUPLI-COLOR magnetic paint
  • Premium ferrous acrylate dispersion
  • Suitable only for indoor application
  • 4 litres of paint are enough for 2 coats covering a surface area of 8-12 m²
  • 100% free of harmful heavy metals
  • Can be covered with emulsion paint or a lightweight wallpaper after 6 hours
  • Drying time is dependent on ambient temperature, humidity as well as the thickness of the applied paint layer, there are no hard and fast rules about how long it will take. At the latest, the paint will be completely dry after 2 weeks.
  • Can be combined with whiteboard paint or chalkboard paint. However, allow the magnetic paint to dry for about 2 weeks beforehand to avoid unwanted surface textures.
Read about more features and tips

Technical data

Article ID M-MP-4000
EAN 4048500260384
Colour Grey
Yield 12 m² (two coats)
Made in Switzerland
Weight 9,6 kg

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Additional features and tips

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In order for magnets to stick, you have to apply at least 2-3 coats of magnetic paint. If you want to apply more than two coats of magnetic paint, you will need an additional can of paint. Allow each coat to dry for 3-4 hours. Please refer to the technical data sheet (PDF - German) for more information on the use of magnetic paint.
Keep in mind, not every magnet will adhere to magnetic paint. You can find a list of suitable magnets in our FAQ Which magnets do I use on magnetic paint?.

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Magnets for magnetic paint
Not all magnets are equally suitable for use on magnetic paint. Common ferrite magnets, for instance, practically don't cling at all to magnetic paint.

Many suitable magnets are linked under "recommended accessories." For more information please review our extensive FAQ: Which magnets can I use for magnetic paint?
With a strip of magnetic tape in dispenser, a postcard or picture can be attached to magnetic paint in no time.
Another interesting idea is to use our self-adhesive magnetic sheet. You can easily attach a picture to the self-adhesive side. You can then cut it to the desired size with scissors or a cutting machine, and done is an individual eye-catcher that you can place anywhere.

Perfect for trade shows, meetings, family trees, demo walls, etc.
For lighter objects you can also use a self-adhesive magnetic tape (or several strips of it).
When we renovated our offices, we had a 4 x 1,5 metre section of our wall painted with magnetic paint. We then made it stand out by painting over it with a slightly darker shade of grey.

The result was a beautiful, humongous and cheap message board.
One of our clients used magnetic paint to create this vertical road in the kids' room. You can find more information on that in her project description.
The model cars can now "drive" up the wall.

The use in the kids' room is unproblematic, because the magnetic paint meets the requirements of the DIN EN 71-3 "safety of toys" norm.
Here a nice combination of magnetic paint and chalkboard paint: Put two coats of magnetic paint on a wooden disk, then apply one coat of chalkboard paint. Let it dry. Now you can use chalk as well as magnets on the disc.
If you combine chalkboard paint with magnetic paint there is no limit to your creativity: Use magnets on the same surface you write on with chalk. The chalkboard paint is available in black and green and covers the grey magnetic paint well.
There are no limits to your ideas when you coat magnetic paint with white whiteboard paint: Use magnets on the same surface where you draw or write. The whiteboard paint in "white" covers the grey magnetic paint well (see result on photo).
The video shows a successful combination of magnetic paint and white whiteboard paint: a writable and wipeable wall that also holds magnets.

Note: Contrary to the information in the video, the magnetic paint needs to dry for 2 weeks before the whiteboard paint can be applied on top of it, which prevents uneven textures on the surface!