Office and pinboard magnets: strong hold on whiteboard and magnetic board

Our office magnets are practical aids at work - for hanging up important notes, for brainstorming or time scheduling. Most of our products are made of neodymium, which gives them a much higher adhesive force than ferrite magnets and makes these bulletin magnets very strong. They can get through anything in the office, at home, or in school. You can use them to hang up notes or A4 sheets of paper on magnetic boards, memo boards, or whiteboards.

Office Magnets
Article ID Description Weight in g
M-PIN Magnetic pins "Players" 28
M-PC Blackboard magnets cylindrical 8
M-81 Flag magnets 8
M-95 Magnets with silicone coat 76
M-OF-BRD25 Blackboard magnets round 12
BX-RD20 Boston Xtra Mini round 49
M-OF-RD30 Board magnets made of ferrite 14
BX-RD30 Boston Xtra round 54
BX-RD30-BULK Boston Xtra round 25 pieces 160
BX-TR30 Boston Xtra triangular 54
BX-TR30-BULK Boston Xtra triangular 25 pieces 164
BX-SQ30 Boston Xtra square 54
BX-SQ30-BULK Boston Xtra square 25 pieces 166
PBM-12 Steel 12 5
PBM-22 Steel 22 20
PBM-25 Steel 25 27
PBM-30 Steel 30 40
M-OF-S08 Knob magnets with metal casing 6
M-51 The Boss 135
M-20 Boss Magnet small 10
M-21 Boss magnet large 47
M-52 Mini Max silver-coloured 45
M-93 Mini-Max anthracite 45
M-92 Mini Max gold-coloured 45
LIV-44 Steely 24
CN-10-05-04-N Cone magnet Ø 10/5 mm, height 4 mm 1
CN-15-08-06-N Cone magnet Ø 15/8 mm, height 6 mm 5
CN-20-10-08-N Cone magnet Ø 20/10 mm, height 8 mm 11
CN-25-13-10-N Cone magnet Ø 25/13 mm, height 10 mm 22
M-OF-P17 Knob magnets with eyelet 7
M-DOTS Magnet pins round 50
SALE-110 Office icons 39
BA-013 Magnetic clasps MAUL 190
BA-022 Day magnets 236
BA-023 Month magnets 236
BA-015LN Letters & numbers magnetic 508
BA-016 Magnet symbols Smiley 368
BA-014AR Magnetic symbols Arrow large 243
BA-014BO Magnet symbols Speech Bubble, oval 243
BA-014BR Magnet symbols Speech Bubble, rectangular 243
BA-014CI Magnet symbols Circle large 243
BA-014CL Magnet symbols Cloud 243
BA-014RE Magnetic symbols Rectangle large 243
BA-014TR Magnet symbols Triangle large 243
M-OF-W08 Office magnets with metal casing 4
W-07-K Cube magnet 7 mm 3
W-10-N Cube magnet 10 mm 8
W-12-N Cube magnet 12 mm 13
AG-01 Swiss Cube 3
AG-02 Color Cube 3
SALE-053/apps Icons apps 31