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Sector: Packaging industry

In the packaging industry, magnetic solutions are applied to automate production lines. With the help of magnets, ferromagnetic packaging such as beverage cans, tins or bottles with screw caps can be fed more easily through the machines.
But it is not only in the production of packaging that you will encounter magnets. Packaging with magnetic closures looks sophisticated and is easy to open and close. Use our small yet strong neodymium magnets to securely close high-end folded boxes, magnetic boxes, gift boxes and other types of packaging.

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Popular magnets for magnet boxes and product packaging

Neodymium magnets as closures

Neodymium magnets are genuine super magnets. Even tiny ones have strong adhesive forces. This holds true too for our thin disc magnets and block magnets. Due to their size, these magnets can be invisibly integrated into packaging. Your product packaging or magnetic box will close as if by magic, thanks to the magnetic force. In addition to magnetic closures, integrated disc magnets are suitable to add a fold-out element to your packaging. This will give you even more space for important product information, such as for cosmetics, certain electronic products or premium spirits. Thanks to the special design with magnetic closures, packaging can be reused many times without the annoying tearing of the closure flaps.

Top-selling categories for packaging solutions

Disc magnets neodymium
Up to 140 kg adhesive force
Block magnets neodymium
Up to 200 kg adhesive force

Also discover our magnet finder! The magnet finder from supermagnete.de helps you find magnets with the desired characteristics for your next project.

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Our suppliers include various manufacturers who produce magnets of consistent quality. Since we buy in bulk, we can offer you an attractive price-performance ratio. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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