Magnetic banner hanger, straight

with two plastic hooks, with push button 180° rotatable
promptly deliverable

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This magnetic banner hanger consists of a ferrite magnet system to which a straight bracket with two plastic hooks is attached. The bracket can be swivelled at 180° by means of a push-button. It then locks into the desired position. The hooks on the bracket can be moved and rotated as required. Thus a light banner can easily be hung up in different formats.

In sales areas the banner holder can be positioned flexibly on or under ferromagnetic shelves or directly on the shelf profile. It therefore works as a point-of-purchase display to draw customers' attention to offers or new products.

Technical data

Article ID SF-MBH-01
Material Ferrite
Length 71 mm
Length mast 285 mm
Width 38 mm
Height 1 16 mm
Height 2 32 mm
Hook length 25 mm
Hook opening width a 9 mm
Material magnet ferrite Y30BH
Plastic ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol-Copolymer)
Weight 150 g