Flux Detector large

foil to indicate magnetic fields, approx. 150 x 150 mm
promptly deliverable


Same article as flux detector small but with 4 times the surface area. It consists of a foil filled with nickel particles in a gelatinous suspension. The Flux Detector turns dark in colour when the magnetic field is perpendicular to the foil (for example, near the poles) and turns lighter when the magnetic field runs parallel to the foil.
Other sizes upon request.
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Technical data

Article ID M-08
EAN 7640155433396
Height 150 mm
Width 150 mm
Weight 4 g

Recommended accessories for this product

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60 x 15 mm, AlNiCo5, red-green coated
1 pc. 7,57 EUR ea.

Additional features and tips

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For this article we have a separate video on YouTube.
This customer video illustrates beautifully which patterns can be created by different magnets and arrangements. But here, the small flux detector was used.
Where are the poles of this magnet cube W-12-N? Since the Flux Detector turns dark wherever there is a magnetic field, the poles must be, in this case, on the top and bottom sides of the cube.
In this photo the magnetic poles are on the left and right side of the cube. In the middle between the two poles there is no magnetic field - the Flux detector shows this as a light line.
30 magnetic spheres K-08-C are behind this Flux detector. The light stripes display the change from a north to a south pole. Such changes in polarity abound at the contact points between the spheres as well as in the centre of every sphere. 60 of these light stripes can be seen in this photo.
Behind this Flux detector is the giant magnet Q-25-25-13-N, whose contour is easy to see. Its poles are on the left and right side. The light strips show the area between the poles where there is no magnetic field. The darker areas show the location and intensity of the magnetic field very well.
The detector maintains the last pattern until a new magnetic field is shown. Therefore, the flux detector won't be all green anymore once you started using it, but you'll see dark shadows.

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