Ferrofluid, horseshoe magnet & Co. for experimenting and learning

Students grasp concepts better when they are visualised. For your physics class, you can buy different magnets, such as rod and horseshoe magnets, in our online shop. With steel spheres, iron filings, magnetic field detectors, and other accessories you can beautifully visualise magnetism.

Experiments & School
Article ID Description Weight in g
M-FER-10 Ferrofluid 10 ml 36
EDU-7 Bar magnet rectangular short 36
EDU-8 Bar magnet rectangular long 110
EDU-9 Rod magnet round 124
EDU-3 Horseshoe magnet small 62
EDU-4 Horseshoe magnet medium 172
EDU-5 Horseshoe magnet big 183
EDU-6 Horseshoe magnet tapered 109
S-15-100-N Rod magnet Ø 15 mm, height 100 mm 134
M-38 Letters or numbers magnetic 350
M-22 Iron filings 100
ST-K-08-N Steel spheres 8 mm 2
ST-K-10-N Steel spheres 10 mm 4
ST-K-13-N Steel spheres 13 mm 8
ST-K-20-N Steel spheres 20 mm 33
M-37 Metal discs 35 x 2 mm 292
M-04 Flux detector small 1
M-05 Flux Detector laminated 3
M-08 Flux Detector large 4
KMWB-2435 Children's whiteboard 24 x 35 cm 211
KMWB-2840 Children's whiteboard 28 x 40 cm 365
MIP-A4-01 Magnetic paper glossy 500
MIP-A4-02 Magnetic paper matt 423
M-PUTTY-FERRO Thinking Putty magnetic 140
M-43 Wooden blocks set 511
M-41 Tangram cube 593