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Neodymium magnet system Ø 66 mm white rubber-coated with counterbore hole, holds approx. 25 kg

Item number ZTNGW-66
Strength approx. 25 kg
Displacement force approx. 7,5 kg
Unit of Sale 1 piece
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1 pc. 9,85 EUR ea.
from 3 pcs. 8,60 EUR ea.
from 10 pcs. 7,48 EUR ea.
from 20 pcs. 6,94 EUR ea.
from 40 pcs. 6,46 EUR ea.
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9,85 EUR

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This white rubberised magnet system with a diameter of 66 mm has a counterbored hole and can be fastened with a regular screw. Underneath the rubber coating is a steel plate with 6 embedded neodymium magnets. The magnets are aligned with alternating upward-facing north and south poles, allowing you to combine these magnet systems with each other. But please be careful when doing so because, once two of these magnet systems are fully connected, it will be difficult to separate them again.

The rubber casing made of TPV prevents scratches and provides slip resistance. It also protects the magnet system from occasional moisture and splash water. During permanent outdoor use, however, rust can form. Our ferrite pot magnets, on the other hand, are rust-proof.

Please note: The full adhesive force is achieved when the ferromagnetic counterpart is smooth and of sufficient thickness and when the magnet system makes direct and full flush contact. Magnet systems already start to lose part of their adhesive force at a small distance from the ferromagnetic surface. This characteristic is more pronounced in magnet systems than in other ferrite and neodymium magnets.

Technical data

Article ID ZTNGW-66
EAN 7640172692691
Material NdFeB
Strength approx. 25 kg (approx. 245 N)
Displacement force approx. 7,5 kg (approx. 73,5 N )
Diameter D 66 mm
Total height H 8,5 mm
Hole d1 5,5 mm
Hole d2 22 mm
Depth t 3,2 mm
Tolerance +/- 0,5 mm
Covering Rubber (TPV)
Magnetisation multi-polar (6 poles) magnetised
Max. working temperature 80°C
Weight 100 g

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