Silly Putty Metallic

metallic sparkling, different colours, not magnetic!
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Silly Putty impresses with cool tricks and fascinating effects. You can shape it, knead it, pull it, rip it, or let it bounce. Additional feature of the model "Metallic": it looks like molten metal that dissolves in the hand! Available in 3 colours: Gold Rush, Copper Glance and Platinum. The magic putty comes in a practical metal container.

Other nice characteristics of Silly Putty:
  • Does not contain water and therefore does not dry out
  • Does not stick or stain and is not greasy – keeps hands clean
  • Is nontoxic and therefore suitable for children 4 years and older
  • Glitter particles also don't stick to your hands
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Technical data

Table of Contents 80 g
Weight 140 g

Additional features and tips

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"Goldrush" with its golden metallic effect sparkles in the light and is an absolute eye-catcher. Where else can you get your own nugget of gold?

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"Platinum" impresses with bright, radiant metal gloss that immediately fascinates.
"Copper Glance" impresses with its copper-coloured swirl. The surprising glitter of this metallic putty excites young and old!