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Anyone who regularly deals with strong and small neodymium magnets is familiar with the problem: It's tough to separate the little ones once they are stacked up. It's not a matter of strength; they are just too hard to grab. Now there is a practical and professional solution: Our magnet separator.

The magnet separator is suitable for magnets with the following dimensions:
Cubes and blocks with square surface
  • Length: 5-20 mm
  • Thickness: 1-10 mm
Discs, rods and rings
  • Diameter: 5-20 mm
  • Height: 0,6-10 mm
Not suitable to separate sphere magnets.
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Technical data

Article ID WS-MST-01
EAN 7640155438858
Material Aluminium
Made in Switzerland
Weight 190 g

Additional features and tips

In the video our friendly Italian customer care specialists demonstrate the use of the magnet separator (starts at 0:51).

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Take a magnet that you want to separate from the stack and place it on the withdrawal plate, adjust for its height and fasten the screw. (If the magnets are separated by a distance piece, adjust for the height of the magnet plus the distance piece.) Place the separator with the rubber footing down on an even surface.
Alternative: Remove the rubber footing and screw the separator to an even surface with a screw clamp.
Place the magnet stack into the device and set it for enough clearance. Now use the lever to separate the magnets.
Now you can conveniently remove the magnet from the withdrawal plate. The magnet separator is made of aluminium, so the magnets don't adhere to it.
Make sure you place the separated magnets far enough away from each other, otherwise they attract each other anew and you have to start over!
This special magnet separator is a Swiss quality product and is exclusively distributed by supermagnete.
Here you can download the instruction manual with pictures as a PDF.