Magnetic bowl small

for nails, screws, bits, etc., 108 x 22 mm
promptly deliverable


The search for paper clips and screws has finally come to an end! Small metal items can now be stored safely and in style in the small magnetic bowl made of chrome steel. The chrome content makes the steel pretty resistant to water, water vapour, humidity as well as weak acids and lyes.

The magnet is located in the rubber base of the bowl, which ensures stability and prevents scratches. The magnet traps metal objects in the bowl, but you can also attach the bowl to any metal surfaces in a workshop.
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Technical data

Article ID WS-MTR-01
EAN 7640155438896
Material Ferrite
Diameter D 108 mm
Height 22 mm
Weight 190 g

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100 pieces per package
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1 set 1,98 EUR/set

Additional features and tips

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The small magnetic bowl has a diameter of 108 mm and a depth of 22 mm.

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Many screws, nails, bits, paperclips and other small metal are magnetic. They all adhere strongly to this bowl, don't get lost and are always handy.
You can attach the bowl upside down or sideways on a steel shelf. Magically, the metal objects stay in place and don't fall down.
This little bowl is handy in size and works well in the office to keep paper clips, desk keys and "ammunition" for staplers in place.
Each bowl is individually wrapped in a plastic bag and packaged in a white, neutral card board box.