Rubber tape self-adhesive

increases adhesive force in shear direction, 10 x 5 cm
promptly deliverable


Prevents a magnet from sliding down in shear direction.
The self-adhesive silicone rubber tape increases the sticking friction between magnet and surface and thereby counteracts the diminished adhesive force in shear direction. In general, the rubber tape can double or triple the adhesive force in shear direction. The attainable improvement depends on material combination and temperature. An exact calculation is therefore not possible.

The rubber tape does not work with small or very thin raw magnets. The additional distance of 0,42 mm between magnet and surface may even lead to a lower adhesive force. Too strong magnets, on the other hand, may damage the silicone rubber coating.
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Technical data

Article ID M-32
EAN 4042448266347
Length 10 cm
Width 5 cm
Colour Grey
Made in Germany
Thickness 0,42 mm
Weight 1,5 g

Additional features and tips

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You can easily cut the shape of the magnet out of the rubber tape...

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... stick it to the magnet ...
... and now the shelf can hold twice or three times as much weight.
The disc magnet S-20-10-N (20x10 mm) can hold approximately 1,75 kg in shear direction, then the steel plate starts sliding down.
If you place a rubber tape between magnet and steel plate, the disc magnet can hold approximately 5,2 kg in shear force; then it starts to slide down.
Here a test with a S-15-08-N: The adhesive force perpendicular to the surface is 6,7 kg. The adhesive force in shear direction is only 1,45 kg.
The rubber tape causes a noticeably higher friction: The S-15-08-N can now hold approx. 2 kg in a sideways direction.