Tool rack magnetic 35 cm

magnetic strip, screw-on tool holder
promptly deliverable


A magnetic tool holder should be a standard item in any workshop, car repair shop or carpenter's workshop because it makes life so much easier: Tools such as wrenches, pliers, drill bits or screwdrivers can be easily attached and neatly stored.

This magnetic tool rack measures 34,5 cm and is mounted with four screws, which are included in the delivery. However, your delivery will not contain any tools for attaching to the magnetic rack.
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Technical data

Article ID WS-MTH-01
EAN 7640155438865
Material Ferrite
Total length 34,5 cm
Usable length 25 cm
Width 2,3 cm
Thickness 1,3 cm
Weight 480 g

Additional features and tips

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We carry this tool rack in two lengths: 30 cm (below) and 45 cm (above).

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The blue protective foil labelled "Magnetic Tool Bar" should stay on the strip because it cannot be removed without residue.