Videos with super magnets

Here is a selection of magnetic videos from our YouTube channel supermagneteCOM.
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Ask Fausto

We want to take a step further, beyond just writing down our magnet knowledge. We want to visualise it for you through our new video series "Ask Fausto" on YouTube where we answer your questions about magnets and magnetism.

Making magnetic fields visible

The second episode of Ask Fausto deals with the question "How can I make magnetic fields visible?". In the video, Fausto shows different ways to make magnetic fields and magnetic field lines visible.

Separating strong magnets

It's not that easy to separate strong neodymium magnets from each other! In the first episode of "Ask Fausto" he demonstrates, with a little bit of humour, how to do it - and how not to!

Build your own magnet separator

You can find step-by-step instructions, including a free PDF with a detailed construction guide for a magnet separator, in our customer application.

The Power of Magnets

Not exactly an every day question: Can a single super magnet hold one or even two people? Yes, there is one that can do that: the huge magnet MONOLITH! How this impressive experiment came about is illustrated in our entertaining video (including outtakes).

Will it smash?

Under the title "Will it smash?" we filmed several videos of collisions between large neodymium magnets and their pitiful victims in between. Whenever possible we use a high-speed camera to be able to show the lightening-speed collisions in slow motion.

MONOLITHS against the rest of the world

Our strongest block magnet is called MONOLITH and features an adhesive force of 200 kg. In order to better demonstrate this tremendous strength, we let all sorts of objects break in between two MONOLITHS. The result is worth checking out:

COLOSSI vs. mustard tube

Our COLOSSI are no joke with their 60 kg adhesive force. In this video they crush a full mustard tube. The resulting mess was a surprise even to us. Afterwards, only male strength could help us separate the two COLOSSI.

Block 30x30 mm vs. Willisauer Ringli

The compact block Q-30-30-15-N has an adhesive force of 35 kg. Two of those blocks suffice to damage up to 5 Willisauer Ringli (a very hard Swiss pastry).

Blocks 30x30 mm vs. cookie, tomato and carrot

Two blocks Q-30-30-15-N destroy an orio cookie and a cherry tomato and injure a carrot.

super-magnetic products

Dialev - Graphite levitation

The DIALEV contains a graphite disc that permanently floats approximately 1 mm over four strong neodymium magnets. This video proves that it works:

Ferrofluid - The magnetic liquid

The ferrofluid is a liquid that contains very small ferromagnetic particles. It strongly reacts to magnetic fields and can be used for interesting and aesthetic experiments.

Magnetic putty

The Magnetic Thinking Putty can be shaped at will, bounces like a rubber ball and reacts to magnets, which this video proves:

The world's simplest train

Batteries, copper wire and disc magnets are sufficient to build a super-simple electro-engine. All details can be found in our customer application: The world's simplest electronic train