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Anchoring wooden posts

Breaking posts during crowded parties are a thing of the past
Author: Klub Kaufleuten, Zürich, Switzerland
Online since: 13/01/2011, Number of visits: 198383
In our club "Kaufleuten" in Zurich we separate the individual "boxes" with round cord that spans between wooden posts. Previously, the posts were mounted in the floor and broke under weight on a regular basis.
As a remedy we embedded countersunk pot magnets CSN-60 in the floor and mounted the posts on a round metal plate. Under heavy weight the plate loosens from the magnet and the post falls over instead of breaking. Staff or visitors can pick the post up and attach it again. There is no risk of injury.
Costs for replacing posts was around 4000 francs per month previously. Since we installed this new solution, we have not had to replace a single post. The investment in magnets paid off within 14 days.