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Magnetic loop hanger

Hanger made of textile ribbon and sewn-in magnets
Author: Dominik Funk, Fürth, Germany
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Textile ribbon hanger

During my last camping trip I mostly missed places to hang up stuff under the motorhome awning. My idea of using magnetic hooks didn't work out due to a lack of even metal surfaces. The next best solution: Suspending objects with magnets sewn into textile ribbon.

Below, I would like to explain how to make them. First, you will need the following materials:
  • 2 block magnets, e.g. Q-30-10-05-N
  • textile ribbon, at least 4 cm wide
    (available at the hardware store as ‘furniture strap’)
  • sewing thread and needle
  • scissors
  • lighter

Note from the supermagnete team: The textile ribbon should not be too thick, as this would significantly reduce the adhesive force of the magnets.


Now cut the textile ribbon to the desired length (20 -30 cm). You can singe the ends to prevent fraying. Fold the ribbon lengthwise and sew it together to form a long tube-shaped sleeve.
Then, 5 cm from the end of the ribbon, sew a cross-seam at each end. This will later help to keep the magnets in place. Next, insert the two magnets into the ends of your tube ...
... and secure them with another cross-seam at each end of the ribbon. The magnets are now hemmed in between two seams in such a way that they can no longer shift around.

Please note: Once you have inserted the second magnet into the tube, please check the correct orientation of the magnets: Make sure that the magnets are exactly on top of each other and that they attract each other. If so, you can go ahead close the second opening with a cross-seam as well.
Once the second tube opening has been sealed, the loop hanger is ready. If you use the material as described here, the magnetic ribbon should easily hold a weight of 3 kg.

My tip:
Use, for example, a metal bottle cap or preserves jar lid as a ferromagnetic counterpart for your magnetic loop hanger. Hold the lid to the outside of the tent wall and move the magnets of the ribbon towards it from the inside of the tent. The magnets will adhere to the bottle cap or metal lid. Now your glasses, keys or other everyday items are always within reach!
Note from the supermagnete team:
You can find detailed information regarding this idea in the customer project Magnetic hanger with metal lid for tents.

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