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Retrieving a teaspoon

That's how our magnets can prevent scalding
Author: Bence Buday, Budapest, Hungary
Online since: 21/07/2009, Number of visits: 213444
I used my favorite tea glass - a tall one - when the teaspoon slid out of my hand and sank way down into the tea.
I didn't want to retrieve the spoon with my hand, because the tea was still very hot.
Of course, there would have been other ways to get the lost spoon out, but as a magnet fan I always have some magnets laying around. My rescue mission went as follows: I held several Q-15-15-03-N block magnets to the outside of the glass and moved them up, along with the spoon and without getting scalded.
Done - one less problem in this world!
Done - one less problem in this world!
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • Not all silverware is magnetic - you might want to check before you start a spoon rescue mission.
  • Don't keep the magnets too long on the hot glass - they lose part of their magnetisation at temperatures over 80 °C (see relevant FAQ).

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