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Wedding car decoration

Easily attach wedding decoration to the bridal car
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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Table of Contents
For many bridal couples, a beautifully decorated car is an important part of their special day. Small bouquets of flowers, splendid flower arrangements, bows in different sizes, organza and pennant garlands: there are many beautiful ways to decorate a bridal car. Once you have decided on the right car decoration the question is how to best attach it to the car.
In many cases suction cups are used to attach car ornaments. However, magnets are an equally simple attachment method. The rubberised magnets in our assortment are ideal for attaching car decorations. They are strong and because of the rubber coating you don't have to worry about scratches in the car paint.
However, not every car's bonnet is magnetic. This should be tested in advance.

Materials needed

Safety tips

To prevent the car finish from being scratched, only use rubberised magnets and always check that there are no dirt particles on the finish. Before driving, make sure that the magnets adhere firmly to the surface of the car. Always drive carefully and slowly. The wedding decorations must also be sufficiently secured to the car to prevent them from falling off while driving; if decorations come loose while driving, they endanger other road users. If you want to attach decorations to a rental car, check with the rental company to see if the attachment of magnets is permitted.


Pull a small cable tie through the provided brackets on the magnetic cable holder, in this case with Ø 22 mm. For bigger arrangements, use several magnets to attach the car decoration. Connect the cable tie around a suitable place on the flower arrangement. Tighten the cable tie until the magnet is directly attached to the flower arrangement. For car ribbons or organza garlands you can also work with cable ties or you tie them directly to the magnet.
Done! A slow test drive is always recommended after installation.
After the ride with the wedding car the flower decoration and car ribbons can be used in the twinkling of an eye as festive hall decoration.
The magnets are also perfect for attaching a homemade "JUST MARRIED" as car decoration.

Other ideas for magnetic wedding decorations

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