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Blackboard film 40 x 40 cm self-adhesive ferromagnetic

surface for magnets, in different colours

Article ID CB-4040
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Create a practical blackboard with this slightly textured blackboard film. The chalkboard sheet is self-adhesive and can be attached to smooth surfaces in no time. Use chalk to write down information or messages to family members and colleagues. When you are done, simply dry-erase the board. We carry this 40 x 40 cm blackboard sheet in the colours grey, green, black and teal (which is also known as sea-green). Choose the right colour for your home.

The self-adhesive chalkboard sheet is ferromagnetic and serves as a surface for magnets. You can find suitable magnets in our assortment of office magnets and neodymium magnets. Perfect for hanging flyers and postcards.

Our tip: The self-adhesive blackboard film with its ferromagnetic properties is also suitable for use in offices, schools and seminar hotels. Blackboard film 1 x 5 m self-adhesive ferromagnetic too lends itself for use in classrooms, seminar rooms and conference rooms.

Please note: The adhesive can leave residues on certain surfaces when the blackboard film is removed. Especially susceptible are varnished or painted surfaces such as room doors or some furnishings. The varnish or paint may come off during the removal of the chalkboard.

Technical data

Article IDCB-4040
Size40 x 40 cm
Thickness0,5 mm
Shelf life adhesive6 months (approx.)
Weight250 g

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