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Magnetic name tags made on a 3D printer

Creative wedding pin
Author: S. Huber, Rorschacherberg, Switzerland
Online since: 23/09/2019, Number of visits: 76472
I celebrated my wedding at the beginning of September 2019 and came up with a special idea for the name tags, using super magnets S-06-02-N. Our wedding theme was «motorbike» because my wife and I are both enthusiastic motorcycle riders. That is why I designed the name tags for our guest on my 3D printer in the shape of a motorcycle wheel.
I glued two of the above-mentioned disc magnets into each wheel with «UHU MAX REPAIR» glue. Two additional magnets of the same type were attached to the inside of the clothing, providing a secure hold of the name tag. And thanks to the 3D printing technology it is even possible to freely rotate the black tire around the rim.