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CD wall

A new way of presenting your impressive CD collection
Author: Maria J. Felipe Castaño, Salamanca, Spain
Online since: 13/12/2010, Number of visits: 334872
I found a way to arrange my CDs in an original way: on my CD wall!
The available wall was an area of 2 m width and 2,4 m height. I screwed two 1000 x 2000 x 0,6 mm galvanised iron sheets on the wall.
I prepared the CDs as follows: I opened them, removed the black cover and placed a S-10-04-N disc magnet in the indentation.
Then I replaced the cover again, so the magnet was under the indentation. It is important that the poles face in the right direction: I always had to check if the disc magnet was attracted to the large boss magnet.
As soon as I endowed all the CDs with the correctly aligned magnets, I could arrange them on the iron sheets to my liking and create a very original wall decoration.
The placement next to a large mirror visually doubles the wall space and makes it even more impressive (see picture below).
But how do I get the CDs off the wall again? Since the CDs are arranged flush next to each other, you don't have room to grasp them with your fingers. The elegant solution: I bring the boss magnet towards the center of the CD and pull it towards me.
This way I can effortlessly "pick" a CD from the wall.
Despite the strong attractive force of the magnets no CD cover broke yet!
Note from the supermagnete team: If you worry about your CDs: CDs are burnt with a laser and are not influenced by (electro)magnetic fields. To protect your CD covers, however, we recommend using the "The Boss" with 7 kg adhesive force.