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Painted-on magnetic board

Magnetic wall made of magnetic paint and chalk paint
Author: Leonie Matzick - shabby-it-yourself.de, Germany
Online since: 04/01/2016, Number of visits: 328153
I transformed this free space between my kitchen cupboards into a decorative magnetic wall. Below is everything you need to copy this project:
  • Paint brushes in different sizes
  • 1 litre magnetic paint
  • Alpine wall colour White
  • Annie Sloan chalk paint "Coco"
  • Masking tape
  • Paint roller
  • Stencil foil
  • 1 Pen knife
  • 1 Stencil brush
To equip your magnetic wall with suitable magnets and magnetised photos, you'll also need the following:

Applying magnetic paint

Draw a square on the wall with pencil and frame it with masking tape.
Then apply 3 to 4 coats of magnetic paint within the frame (adhere to the instructions on the can).
Since I painted on ingrain wallpaper and was afraid the magnets wouldn't adhere well later (which was totally unfounded), I decided to use a paint roller. Unfortunately I left some stains on the wallpaper where I didn't want them. But I was able to remove them easily with a wet cotton cloth!
Thereafter, you can just paint over it with a regular wall paint. You might need two coats to fully cover the grey magnetic paint.

Decorative frame around the magnetic paint

Remove the masking tape and trace the outline with a small brush and chalk paint to hide the jagged edges around the magnetic area.
Besides the frame, I also wanted two birds to decorate the magnetic board. I made the stencils myself. The bird motifs can be downloaded from the PDF below.
Transfer the motif to the stencil foil and cut it out with a pencil knife.
Apply the bird motif to the wall with a stencil brush. I used the stencils multiple times for more branches and flowers.
Then paint a second frame with a smaller brush.
And the painted-on magnetic board is done!

Magnetising photos

If you want to put photos on the magnetic wall, you can just attach self-adhesive magnetic sheet MS-A4-STIC to the backside. I did the same with a small notepad.
You'll be surprised how strongly the neodymium magnets adhere to the magnetic wall. The smaller cube magnets hold a sheet of paper with no problem, the larger magnets even hold heavier coupon books.
Now I can hang up and arrange shopping lists, receipts, coupons, etc. nicely.
You can find this project and many others on my Blog 'shabby-it-yourself.de'.

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